Agora Gallery, 2011 (VO)

Communiqué de presse et article de Agora Gallery, 2011

"Séverine Metraz’s acrylic and collage compositions find life and hope in the grim countenance of the human skull. Her series of deathly portraits offers, paradoxically, incredible liveliness, both in the palette she deploys, full of Pop colors like floral greens and watery blues, and in the textural details of brushstrokes, cut-outs and scrawled text.
The self-taught artist, born and based in Eastern France within minutes of the Swiss border, cites the influences of Jean-Michel Basquiat, whose child-like markings certainly come to mind, but the glowing skulls that peer out arrestingly, and sometimes with surprising vulnerability, also evoke the tortured figures of Francis Bacon.
Through various techniques, from application and angle to composition, juxtaposed collage elements and tonal variations, Metraz finds strangely life-like emotions in each face of death.
Some, with their brows accentuated, appear to look downwards melancholically, while others seem unadorned and naïve, almost hopeful. Most bring together some combination of these emotional cues as well as others, making for unforgettably touching skeletal portraits."

© Séverine Métraz   |   Photos : Gilles Perruchoud   |   Réalisation du site : Juliette Picandet